Ayka (2018)

Draining story with victims and victimizers; long repetitive, seemingly without end.

Movie title: Ayka (2018)

Movie description: A young Asian immigrant worker in Moscow tried to track down her baby, whom she abandoned at the hospital.

Genre: Drama

Rated NR, Drama, 100 minutes
IMDB 6.5 (194)

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Let Me Fall (Lof mer ao falla) (2018)

Too long, badly edited, weak screenplay

Movie title: Let Me Fall (Lof mer ao falla) (2018)

Movie description: When 15-year-old MAGNEA meets STELLA, everything changes. Stella's no-holds-barred lifestyle drags them both into a world of drugs, which brings serious consequences for each of them, and their relationship. Twelve years later their paths cross again, and a reckoning between them becomes unavoidable.

Genre: Biography, Crime, Drama

Rated NR, Biography, Crime, Drama, 136 minutes

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Too Beautiful: Our Right to Fight (2018)

Passion, commitment, patriotism

Movie title: Too Beautiful: Our Right to Fight (2018)

Movie description: Despite boasting more Olympic gold titles for boxing than any other country, Cuba falls behind the rest of the world in its attitude to the place of women in the ring: to this day, there exists a nationwide ban on women's competitive boxing. The film captures the tireless battle of Namibia Flores Rodriguez, the only known female boxer in the Caribbean nation. Training at Havana's Rafael Trejo arena in defiance of the ban, the athlete undertakes the same unrelenting regime as her male counterparts-running the same circuits, lifting the same truck tires-but without the hope that she might one day represent her country.

Genre: Documentary

Rated NR, Documentary, 75 minutes
IMDB 8.4 (5)

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Birds of Passage (Pajaros de verano) (2018)

Indigenous folklore of the onset of the drug business in Columbia

Movie title: Birds of Passage (Pajaros de verano) (2018)

Movie description: During the marijuana bonanza, a violent decade that saw the origins of drug trafficking in Colombia, Rapayet and his indigenous Wayuu family get involved in a booming business of selling marijuana to American youth in the 1970s. When greed, passion and honour collide, a fratricidal war breaks out that will put their lives, culture and ancestral traditions at stake.

Genre: Drama

Rated NR, Drama, 125 minutes

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