Report, The (2019)

The story of Daniel Jones, lead investigator for the US Senate’s sweeping study into the CIA's Detention and Interrogation Program, which was found to be brutal, immoral and ineffective. With the truth at stake, Jones battled tirelessly to make public what many in power sought to keep hidden.

Craft 82%
Artistry 86%
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Reviewed on December 3, 2019 by Jon Kaye


Rated R, Biography, Drama, History, 119 Minutes

A deeply disturbing account of the generation of the congressional report on the CIA's use of torture of detainee's in the period following 9/11/2001.  Adam Driver delivers an intense portrayal of the lead senate investigator who ultimately authors a 6,700 page report.  Based on actual events, Driver portrays Daniel J. Jones. Annette Benning brings a solid presence to the screen in the character of Dianne Feinstein as she navigates the halls of congress and the white house as the report is prepared and readied for publication. Scott Burns' use of lighting and space amplify the intensity of the topic and its portrayal.  Scott completed filming in twenty-six days of shooting. Interestingly, just before filming commenced, the film's original plan of a 50-day schedule was cut to a 26-day schedule, and its $18 million budget was slashed to just $8 million. Hence, director Scott Burns stated that all the actors including its lead Adam Driver were paid next to nothing on this project.
What I Liked
  • Solid script
  • Wonderful acting, especially by Adam Driver
  • Great cinematography
  • Good job on the editing
What I Didn’t