Rocketman (2019)

The story of Elton John's life, from his years as a prodigy at the Royal Academy of Music through his influential and enduring musical partnership with Bernie Taupin.

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Artistry 86%
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Reviewed on June 18, 2019 by Jon Kaye


Rated R, Biography, Drama, Music, 121 minutes

Taron Egerton does yeoman's duty on this film and highlights his passion for singing (Taron sang in Eddie the Eagle and Sing).  Difficult to watch at times but always interesting.  If you were present in the 70's and 80's then this movie really brings you back and reminds you of what you were doing then. Interestingly... Dexter Fletcher was brought in to finish Bohemian Rhapsody (2018) though he is not credited in the film. So this is his second musical biopic. Fletcher directed for 16 days of filming and oversaw post-production.
What I Liked
  • Wonderful performances
  • Strong script and directing
  • Fun cinematography
  • Wonderful costuming (Taron wears 53 different pairs of glasses in the film)
What I Didn’t
  • Depicts fairly explicit relationships