Working Man (2018)

When a factory closure threatens a small Rust Belt town, one older factory worker continues going to his former job every day, despite the shutdown. His peculiar decision has a profound effect on the whole community, though his actions yield an outcome that no one ever expected.

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Reviewed on January 25, 2019 by Jon Kaye

Very well done portrayal of a piece of Rockwell's America

Rated NR, Drama, 108 minutes

Very well done portrayal of a piece of Rockwell's America. Begins simply and gets more complex. (Jon, Sandy)
9.5 - Best in Show so far! Superb with meaningful and provocative screenplay. Excellent and credible actors. Subtle, nuanced, real and authentic. (Charles N., Henry B., Kathy W.)
8.5 - Well done. (Meryl B.)
8.3 - Slow developing but generally delivers in the end. Addresses societal issues of disappearing jobs and mental illness. (Andrew C., Laurie M.)
8.0 - Good and engaging. (Gary J., Michael S.)
7.5 - Value of work and community amidst persistent decline. (Mary G.)
5.0 - A bit too slow for me. (Barbara H.)

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